31 July 2017

The Rebel is returning for a second series on UKTV

The Rebel is returning for a second series on UKTV! Indomitable pensioner, inveterate rulebreaker, and irrepressible everyman Henry Palmer, created by cartoonist Andrew Birch and brought to life by Simon Callow, is once again joined by Bill Paterson and Anita Dobson as best friends Charles and Margaret, Anna Crilly as Henry’s daughter Cath and Amit Shah as her husband Jeremy.

The series is inspired by Andrew Birch’s long-running cartoon strip in The Oldie Magazine. The director is directed by Vadim Jean (Leon the Pig Farmer, Terry Pratchett’s The Hogfather, The Color of Magic), the producer is Ben Walker, the series producer is Simon Lupton and the executive producer is Jon Rolph.

Jon, Managing Director of Retort said: “I’m delighted that Henry and his friends are returning to UKTV to say “yes” to more glorious rebellion and “no” to the madnesses and stupidities of modern life.”

Simon Callow said, “I’m so pleased to be getting inside Henry Palmer’s skin again: a man of certain age behaving very badly, casting off the chains of convention, uttering the unutterable and defying decency. Age has only sharpened his refusal to conform.  Ladies and gentlemen – sorry – hello everyone, I give you Henry Palmer: reprobate, rascal – Rebel.”

Look out for more information on the show later in the year!